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How to Restrict Automatic Apps Delete in iOS 12

Apple added a new feature called Offload in its iOS 11 OS which continued to follow in the iOS 12 version. The internal storage of the phone is necessary to have free space or else the stored data will slow down the performance of the device. The company added the feature to tackle the low storage of the phone. With the activation of this feature, the apps get deleted automatically. The reason for the automatic removal of the apps is unknown for most of the users, as they are not aware of the Offload feature.
But there is no need to worry as the activated Offload feature can be disabled permanently to prevent the app deletion from iOS 12. There three methods approaching successfully. The one option is providing the selection of apps which you want to keep while the other methods are completely turning off the Offload feature in the phone.
Here’s how to restrict automatic apps delete in iOS 12 Selecting specific apps to keep them in the device Open the Settings on your iOS 12 device…

How to put a Shortcut of a Website on your Desktop

When you use a particular website like any social media site, information site a lot, it consumes time to reach to that website. The process is long and first you need to open a browser, enter and search for the website, then find the original website it takes too much time. So, placing a desktop shortcut of that site or page on your computer screen will save your time and also be more convenient.
You can also add your regularly used website or webpage to your Favorites or Bookmarks. But there is an extra benefit of creating website’s shortcut on the desktop. You will remind about any important work on that website. And this is also shorter method than adding in bookmark or favorites. You can frequently visit your useful website by simply double-clicking on the website’s icon and it will directly open the site on the browser. Various browsers are there all have the different method to create a website’s shortcut. Here is the guideline for creating in some common browsers. How to create a…

How to fix YouTube not working problems

YouTube is an online video platform website. It contains thousands of videos, including music videos, movie trailers, video clips, TV shows clips, short and documentary films, live streams, audio recordings and a lot of videos categories. YouTube provides too many services to its users. You can view, upload, share, comments and do more things on YouTube.
Mostly everyone uses YouTube according to their purpose; some peoples use it for entertainment, some use it for education and business purpose, or anything else may be the reason. But, this will disappoint you when you notice that YouTube is not working on your device. This can be the real pain for those who are addicted to it and use it regularly. If you’re also having trouble accessing YouTube and watching videos, etc. Then apply below-given solutions to solve these types of fundamental issues. How to fix YouTube not working in Pc or Google Chrome Methods to fix: Check your internet connection.Update your browser (Chrome).Turn …

How to Make a Customized Quick Action in MacOS Mojave

Apple recently introduced its latest desktop operating system in MacOS Mojave. The new operating system has new cool features and old features as well. But a thing which should be noted is that the old features have been improved in the new desktop operating system. FaceTime and Continuity Camera are one of the best features that Quick Action has in Mojave. The new desktop operating system on Mac allows the users to customize the Quick Action. If you have switched to MacOS Mojave, then you must be trying to customize it. If you encounter any struggle, then follow the steps mentioned in the guide as it is providing the best way to customize the Quick Action in MacOS Mojave. Here’s how to make a customized Quick Action in Mojave Open Spotlight and click to launch the Automator app on your MacOS Mojave.Click the New Document tab.Click the Contextual Workflow/ Quick Action Workflow.Select the Choose button.Now, click the Action tab from the left panel of the window.Select Photos and Sc…

How to Get the Best Results From Facebook Search

Facebook is much more than just a news feed full of funny memes. The famous social networking site is probably the biggest repository of personal information.  In reality, It is not that easy to find the information you need at any given moment. Facebook is the new Google when it comes to search for friends or acquaintances. Facebook is a giant searching tool. Although many of its users are not aware of its hidden features, with the help of these cool features, Finding people will become much easier and convenient.
Searching  For Friends On Facebook This is an easy step. We all probably search for our friends to connect with them. But while typing the name, make sure that you keep an eye on suggestions given on right side of the page. Facebook search provides suggestions from mutual friends, friends of friends and even the common groups. Although the suggestion tab works fine in most cases, what about the one who is strangers completely? Enter Email Address or Phone Number in the search …

How to Retrieve Mail with Time Machine on MacOS

If you have deleted some critical data from your Mac system, then you don’t have to worry about it. There is a way to recover the lost data on your computer. The Time Machine in MacOS is an inbuilt service that helps to recover or retrieve the deleted emails in Mail application. The developer company, Apple, generally put charges to use their services, but the Time Machine is a service which is not chargeable.
Since the Mail app keeps the entire data in the Mail folder under the Library of Macintosh HD, you can refer the user account library. It will prevent you from restoring the backup of your system which may cause you to waste your time and lose the party applications. Let’s see the steps to recover lost mail in the MacOS system. How to Recover Mails with Time Machine Click the Appleicon to open the menu from the top left.Select SystemPreferences from the menu.Now, move to TimeMachine and click to open it.Click on the toggle button to Turn Machine On.Go to your Ho…

How to Play Secret Adventurous Game on Google

Google previously was just a search box providing all sorts of results for the searches that people needed. With time, the company has put efforts in releasing various services like YouTube, Gmail and then Google Drive. With the evolution of Google, the company released its renowned web browser, Google Chrome. We all know that Google has its iconic Dinosaur game available only in Google Chrome when the internet goes down. The dinosaur game is a perfect game to pass your time while waiting for the internet connection.
Do you know that the Dinosaur game is not the only game that Google has for its users to play? It is true that there is another adventurous game available to play on Google, but where to find it? There is a little trick to find and play the secret games. The game is accessible only to those who know the method to uncover it. Surely you too want to play the hidden game on Google. The trick is workable on Microsoft’s browsers and Mozilla Firefox as well, but it gets awry on …

How to Use Do Not Disturb in Bedtime Mode in iOS 12

Are you often restless when you are in bed at nights? Do you toss and turn and fidget while trying to sleep? Well, many users often wake up from their sleep to check their phones. Now, people might be picking up their phones to see what time it is, but in reality, people often end up spending hours on the phone.

Now, if you do not get enough deep sleep, you will end up feeling tired when you wake up. To avoid distractions when you are in bed, you can make use of the Do Not Disturb feature. This way you will not be able to hear notifications alerts. But, you will still be able to see the hone light up, and the notifications will be visible on the lock screen on your device.
This is where you can use the new Bedtime mode. Now, do not confuse it with the Clock's Bedtime feature. Bedtime Mode is a latest free feature added to Do Not Disturb. This Bedtime Mode was released along with the iOS 12 update. This addition allows users to enjoy quality sleep. When the DND is turned on at B…