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What is Steganographic Malware and How to Defend Against it

Everything contains a secret message. Subliminal messages can be found in paintings, logos, marketing, advertising, poems, and what not. Generally, these hidden messages are harmless and present for the purpose of product placement. However, in the online environment, this sort of thing is known as steganography. In steganography, messages are hidden in pictures, audio records, video files or text documents. However, instead of being harmless, they usually are laced with a malicious code. Cybercriminals and attackers use this method to dodge getting discovered by defense mechanisms.

Are you wondering how steganography works? Well, malware authors inject hidden data by inserting a code within a digital picture. After that, the picture gets transferred to the targeted computer. Now, the malware extricates the hidden data. This altered picture is rather hard to discover by merely looking at it. As a matter of fact, it is also difficult to identify using security systems. For this reason…

How to Set Up Your Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast a new level of streaming device available on the market today. It is a dongle device that Google has designed to stream online videos on televisions or home studio system with a mobile phone or PC. It was first released in 2013 and made available for the people to purchase. Google Chromecast is a new and one of the best streaming devices available to use, but before all that, you need to set the whole system up. If you are a new user, then you must be clueless to set up the device with your television and phones. But don’t fret much and follow the guide to set up your Google Chromecast. All you need to get the device attached to your TV and an app in your phone or PC.

Here is how to set up your Google Chromecast
Plug in Chromecast USB port to your TV. You can use the included power adapter to connect to the outlet.
Once it is ready, your TV will display a setup prompt with a randomly generated identifier in the lower left corners. For example Chomecast0098.
Now, dow…

How to Log Out in Google Drive on Android?

Google Drive is a cloud storage service from the search giant Google. It offers its users a way to store their media files like document, photographs, and videos in the Google Drive facility. If you are using Google Drive, the drive is associated with your Gmail account, so you don’t have to download it to your computer as a different entity. But, it is necessary to download the drive in handsets, because it is an application for Android and other OS handsets.

If you log out your Gmail account, then you will log out from all the other Google services associated with Gmail. As Google Corporation released the drive app, the users are now keeping Google drive on their phone. The Android phones generally offer the application for Gmail to make more accessible to use your Gmail account. But if you log out of your Gmail account, you will automatically log out of all the services in the phone as well.

You might be thinking how you would logout of the Google Drive account from the handset. I…

How to Fix the Spinning Wheel of Death

The rainbow-colored never-ending Spinning Wheel of Death (SPOD) in Mac OS system can be compared to the blue screen of death in Windows. Apple Corporation refers to it as the Spinning Wait Cursor, which means an application has stopped working or responding in the system and continues to spin endlessly. In most of the cases, the spinning wheel issue can be resolved within a few steps like force quitting the application. But, sometimes the condition becomes more awful and the system needs a reboot or even restoration. If your Mac has also got frozen and you are clueless to take the steps, then follow the method below and fix the endless rainbow wheel in your system.

How to Fix the Spinning Wheel of Death

Let see how to fix the spinning wheel of death
Force quitting the application would be an option to choose in the situation
In the top left corner, click Apple icon
Click Force Quit to open the box
Select the application which is unresponsive and creating trouble in the system
Click F…

How Can You Add Subtitles to YouTube Videos?

Subtitles provide YouTube a transcript of your video in order to help it become more perceptible towards what your video wants to convey. Now, we don’t mean to say that this is going to improve your rankings, but when YouTube decides what results to show to a given search query, the developers tend to find videos that have both ingredients good quality, and relevant to the query as well. Subtitles or closed captions are one of the great ways to get your video in front of a wider audience. These captions help the deaf people or the people who can’t speak the language being expressed in the video get the most benefit of your video.

In this manner, it will be better if YouTube knows more about what your video includes. Follow the instructions given below to add subtitles to your YouTube videos:

Sign in to your YouTube account.
Tap on the My Channel button. You will find this button near the top of the sidebar. Tapping so will take you to your personal YouTube page.
Tap on the Video Mana…

How to Change Homepage or Start Page in Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft launched a web browser named Microsoft Edge for Windows 10. Edge has been created to be productive and more in-tune with the current online standards. Users have many choices available for configuring the start page of Microsoft Edge whenever they launch it. Often when you install a web browser, you notice that a homepage has been set by default. This preloaded homepage can be easily replaced with any other website.

Users can set any website to be the homepage of Microsoft Edge. By doing so, whenever they launch Edge, that particular website will open. For example, if you almost often open Google right after opening the web browser, then would it not be convenient if you just set it as the start page? Here is how you can change the homepage in Microsoft Edge:

Changing Homepage in Edge
Open the browser by double-clicking on its icon.
In the main screen, locate the three horizontal dots in the top right corner of the browser, just below the close button.
From the pull-down me…

How To Publicly Share A Google Docs Document?

Google Drive is equipped with a useful feature. It allows the editor or owner of the document to share it with the public. Owner or editor can also add document settings, and allow viewers to edit the document or leave comments.  It is very easy to share documents on Google Drive or Google Docs with the public. Read on to find out how. Steps for sharing Google Docs or Drive document with the public 1.If you wish to share your Google doc publicly then follow these steps: 2.Select the document you have to share and then click on it. 3.When the document opens, click on the Share button located next to the Comments button in top right edge. 4.In the Sharing screen, click on the Advanced button. It is located below Can edit option. 5.Now, you will be able to see the link. You can share the link via Gmail, Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter by clicking on their respective icons. 6.Below the link, there will be a Who has access section. 7.Click on the change button. Now, you can share it with…

How to Start an Activity Competition on your Apple Watch

When the latest and updated watchOS, the operating system powering the Apple Watch, rolled out a new upgrade – watchOS 5, all fitness freaks were jubilant. watchOS 5 meant having the ability to compete against your friends and comparing your activities! This feature will most positively motivate the users to get more active and also promote group activities. You can start off a 7-day challenge, wherein you score a point for completing your rings daily.

Read ahead to know how to start an Activity Competition on your watchOS 5:

You can start the competition either directly on your Apple Watch or through the Activity app present on your iPhone. However, using the app is considerably easy.

Before you send across your challenge and start the competition, you need to share your activity logs with your competitor. Here’s how you can do it:

Open the Activity App on your iPhone.
Press the Sharing tab.
On the top-right corner, you will see a “+” sign, tap on the button to invite your contacts …

The Great Suspender to Auto Suspend Chrome Tabs

Usually, when your Chrome takes up a lot of time on your Windows computer, it probably because you might have opened lots of tabs or installed several extensions on your computer. Many of us are always leaving the tabs opened so that we can easily come back on them, whenever we want. However, these tabs will consume lots of resources in the background and therefore, making the Chrome impassive.

Here we discuss about an extension; The Great Suspender is an extension of Chrome which will suspend your all unused tabs automatically, thus by reducing the memory footprints.

About The Great Suspender
It’s a very powerful Chrome extension; it can bring back all your valuable resources which already consumed by several other opened tabs. Sometimes, you might leave a tab open if you are planning to come back. However, it is more suitable then bookmarking and closing the entire tab, since you need a link for the very short duration.

Though, The Great Suspender generally meant for these situatio…