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Google Revamps Its Material Design

Google has reported that it would be working on its old design to give it a new look on the Google app. Recently the changes have already been seen in Gmail, Android, and the early build of Chrome but a new video was rolled out lately by Google Material Design team. In the said video, noticeable differences between the old and new looks of Google’s design are apparent. The video which was created to showcase the renovated design for the internet team was later released on YouTube for everyone to check the updates. The video revealed several redesigned shapes, effects and sizes of the content, colored extremely white, within the same theme. The signature red color of Gmail has transformed into White and Google Photos also gets its new look where its Gray background is changed into white, while its variegated buttons now have colored outlines. In the same way, Google Maps will also have some changes in its appearance. As the white color is dominant in the new design, the blue bar of Goog…
MacOS Mojave Developer Beta 4 Now Available for Testing

Recently, the Apple has released the 4th beta version of the macOS Mojave 10.14 to the users who are engaged in the MacOS developer beta testing program.

However, the latest macOS Mojave developer beta 4 build is 18A336e and as usual has been arrived before accompanying the public beta 4 release which is usually a labeled version, but otherwise, it is the same software release.

Currently, the Mac users running the macOS Mojave beta and can easily find the macOS Mojave beta 4 which is now available to download directly from the Software Update section of the System Preferences. And the macOS Mojave has also been removed the general system software updates direct from the Mac App Store Updates section and also returned back to the System Preferences where they were initially in the previous versions of the Mac OS X.

However, if you are running the macOS Mojave public beta moderately than the developer beta, then it is probably to a…
Timehop Admits More Personal Data Was Breached

The Timehop Company has revealed more information about a security incident, and it is a breached online company. This incident has affected 21 million people, which will be a compelling test case for the General Data Protection Regulation.

Initially, the company declared that on July 2, it discovered a network intrusion, resulting in the compromise of names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

According to a Wednesday report, the firm claimed the breached information also included dates of birth, the gender of customers and country codes.

It offered a handy breakdown of which breached records were in scope of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): inclusive of 2.9 million customers name and email details combinations and 2.2 million customers name, email address and Date of birth information.

The firm also admitted to “messing up” with its incident response.

It said that in their enthusiasm to disclose that they had already known…
How to Use Find My iPhone App From The Web?

Not that long ago, if you lost your mobile device, you basically just lost the hardware. However, with the advent of iPhones, losing smartphones became more problematic. Losing your iPhone can be a terrifying experience. All the contacts, personal data, financial information, pictures, videos, and more are present in the smartphone. Moreover, the new phone owner might be able to access your social media accounts, email, text messages, and more. Due to this, smartphones are gold mines for hackers and identity thieves.

Even though it is nearly impossible not to lose the phone, you can take cautionary steps and cushion the damage caused due to phone loss to some extent. Here is how you can turn on and use the Find My iPhone app from the web to minimize the harm in case of phone loss:

Find My iPhone
Find My iPhone app lets the user use a different iOS device to find the lost iPhone on a map, protect the personal information, display a custom mes…