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How to Format USB Drive Using Mac

It is difficult to format a USB drive using Mac systems because most of the drives are developed to work according to the Windows operating system which FAT32. But don’t bother if you have a drive which is MacOS Extended or APFS format, you can select to reformat the USB Drive. So check out the methods given below to format a FAT32 Drive using Mac.
Before formatting the USB drive, ensure that you have copied all the content from your USB to another device because formatted data from USB cannot be retrieved.  The formatting process of a USB drive depends upon version Mac operating system, and hence it could vary a little bit. So let's see which file format should be used to reformat a USB Drive. 1.It is crucial to format a thumb drive using Mac OS External format while having a MacOS older than High Sierra. It is necessary because the reformatted disk in APFS file will not load in the Mac system. 2.While formatting the flash drive, APFS format is an option you must choose as it is a r…

How to Setup FTP Server on Windows 10

FTP, File Transfer Protocol, in Windows 10 is responsible for downloading or uploading the files to computer. But unfortunately, you need to activate and set up the FTP Server on your Windows 10. Once you setup the FTP Server, it will develop a private cloud which you can control. The FTP has no limitations for the number of accounts created. If you want to set up the FTP server, then follow the steps mentioned below.
Here is how to setup FTP server on Windows 10 Install FTP Server Windows 10 allows the user to set up the FTP server hence you have to add components needed on your own. Open the search bar in Windows 10.Now, type control panel and press the enter button.Click the Programs tab and select Program & Features.Now find and click the Windows features on or off option.Click to expand the Internet Information Services option.Now click the FTP Server.Click the FTP Extensibility and FTP Service checkbox.Now select Web Management Tools option and click to expand it.Click the IIS M…

How to Pin Recycle Bin to a Different Area in Windows 10

Recycle Bin is an important system folder. It holds the files which you’ve deleted. If you’ve deleted something by mistake, then you can find it in the Recycle Bin and restore it.
Here is the process to pin Recycle Bin on the Desktop, Start menu, and Quick access. How to display Recycle Bin on your Desktop You need to open the desktop icon settings to show the Recycle Bin on your PC’s desktop. Follow this process: Hit the ‘Windows’ key of your keyboard.Type ‘Show or Hide’ for search.And press ‘Enter.’Check ‘Show or hide common icons on the desktop’ in the search result. It will be on the top.Click ‘Show or hide common icons on the desktop’ to open desktop icon settings.Check the box of ‘Recycle Bin’ in Desktop Icons tab.Here you can also see some other options such as Computer, User’s Files, Network, Control Panel with checkboxes, click the box if you want to add any other option. Click ‘Apply’ button first.And then click ‘OK’ to finish and exit from Desktop Icon Settings.Onc…

How to organize Firefox Bookmarks

Mozilla Firefox is an impressive and popular browser. It makes surfing of web exciting and fast. You can easily mark your favorite websites as bookmarks and categorized it into folders.
Here is the process which tells you how to organize bookmarks by the following: Making folders.Putting bookmarks into folders.Sorting bookmarks by name.Rearranging bookmarks manually.Follow the below steps to organize bookmarks in Firefox: How to make new folders Using the Bookmarks folder is the most convenient way to organize your bookmarks. Launch the ‘Firefox’ app on your Mac or computer.Click on ‘More menu’ (Four lines) icon.Click ‘Bookmarks.’Scroll down and click ‘Show all Bookmarks.’Right-Click on the Bookmarks Menu Folder to open a context menu.Click on ‘New Folder’ from the context menu options.Type a name for the folder. You can also give a description of the folder.Click on ‘Add.’How to put Bookmarks into the folder Click on ‘More menu’ (Four lines) icon.Click ‘Bookmarks.’

How to stop Google Chrome Update on iOS device

Google Chrome didn’t have any options to disable the automatic update. When a new update comes out, Google Chrome performs automatic updates every few weeks to provide more stable browsing.
But, if you want to stop automatically Google Chrome’s automatic updates because you do not want to change the current version of Chrome or whatever your reason may be, then here are some solutions to disable automatic update on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. How to disable Google Chrome Update on your Mac Click on ‘Go’ tab in the top menu of your Mac’s display.Hold down the ‘Option’ key of your Mac’s keyboard. It causes Library folder will appear on the drop-down menu.Click on the ‘Library’ from the menu.Scroll down and search for ‘Google’ folder in the library list.Double click on the ‘Google’ folder to open it.Click and select the ‘GoogleSoftwareUpdate’ folder.Now, click ‘File’ tab from the top menu bar.Click ‘Get Info’ from the File’s drop-down menu.Click on the ‘Lock-shaped’ icon at the lower lef…