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Unclutter your iPhone by Finding and Deleting Unused Apps

In Apple devices, it is very easy to locate and remove redundant apps. People often end up downloading more apps than they need. These apps clutter the home and other screens and make the device disorganized. If you want to make more space on your iPhone, then deleting such apps may be the way to go.
Just browse the screens of your iOS device. Do you have way too many apps? Do you often end up browsing screen after screen, trying to locate an app? What about those Trivia and other gaming apps that you downloaded after seeing an ad about them, but never got around to even opening them. Well, you can easily clean up your iPhone and remove the apps you do not use. How to find and remove unused apps? 1.To check the last time you opened an app on your iPhone, open Settings. 2.Tap on General and select iPhone Storage. 3.Now all the apps will be listed in the order of the storage space used by them. 4.Below the name of each app, you will see the Last Used status. 5.If an app has never been opened, …

Google Maps Reviews now Supporting Hashtags for Easier Search

With the new update of Google Maps, Google seems to have secretly added support for hashtags in Google Maps to make it easier for Android users to locate the places they frequently search for.
According to a new report, Google has stated that the new feature of tagging locations using hashtags was added to its Google Maps over a week ago on Android. As of now, it has allegedly been announced to the Local Guides program members of Google Maps. Google Maps is seemingly letting its Android users add up to five hashtags at the ending of their reviews. Also, users can add hashtags to their older reviews. Well now, there is no clear information on when this hashtag support will arrive on the Google Maps for iOS or the Web. As stated by a TechCrunch report, Google Maps now supports hashtags in reviews with an intention to make it easier for Google Maps users to look for #dinnernight spots or #wheelchairaccessible places, or #familyfriendly businesses and many more. As mentioned in the hashtags, …

How to Fix Microsoft Word Template_Fields Error?

We all know very well about the application Microsoft Office Word. It is the broadly used application around the world, and the reason is that it’s the best when it comes down to the word editing and processing. In spite of being the best in its field, this software is not free from any faults, and today we are going to discuss one such error occurred while using the Microsoft Office Word.
A few days back, some users of the Microsoft Words have seen one pop-up window with the name, Templates_fields. Though it’s a very weird error which appears randomly on some documents of MS Word, you don’t need to worry about it we explained you few best steps or solutions by which you can easily be able to solve it. Before starting the process, we suggest you take backing up of all your Word documents to the Microsoft OneDrive, as it is one of the best storage points. Steps to Fix Microsoft Word Template_Fields Error If you face this issue at any time, then don’t be panic, just follow the below-given s…

How to Fix Firefox’s Video Format or MIME Type Not Supported Error?

Sometimes, when you are trying to play video in your Firefox browser, but it fails to open and show an error message like “video format, or MIME type is not supported on the Firefox player. This error will signify that there is some problem in your Firefox browser. Generally, this problem occurs when your browser has lacks of certain functionality which is required during the time you play video in the Firefox player.
We provide you some solution by which you can fix this error. But try to follow the steps in a given series to avoid any other error. The steps are discussed below. Steps to Fix Firefox’s Video Format or MIME Type Not Supported Error We are providing two methods by which you can be able to solve the problem; they are as follows: Install, or re-install Adobe Flash PlayerEnable JavaScript in the browserMethod-1: Install or Re-Install Adobe Flash Player The Adobe Flash player is the initial thing which you need while playing any video in the Firefox player. However, you may be a…

How to Hide Photos on your iPhone in a Locked and Private Photo Album

So you are here to find out how to hide photos on your iPhone? Well, iPhone doesn't really allow you to generate a private photo album, but the pictures can be technically hidden and secured. This article will show you how to lock them. If you want to hide photos on your iPhone within the Photos app, then it has significant loopholes. You can take help of another app to protect the videos and pictures in a secret photo album on your iPhone.

Here’s how you can hide photos and videos in a secret photo album on iPhone
For the operating systems through iOS 10, hiding photo on iPhone means that the photo is hidden from Collections, Moments and Years. Although it will still be visible on All Photos. Beginning with iOS11 and continuing in iOS 12, hidden photos can be wiped from All Photos too.          ·To view the hidden albums:          ·Launch the Hidden album.          ·It means that the security on hidden private photos album is next to nothing.
How to hide photos in a private photo a…

How Technology Can Make Thanksgiving Better

Apple’s iCloud easily connects your iOS device to your Computer or Mac specifically when using Mac, all kinds of apps such as Photos, Notes, and Calendar. Usually, everything is browser based. With iCloud for Windows, the photos, documents, and bookmarks on the  PC are auto-updated on your Apple gadgets.
What is the Difference Between Free and Paid iCloud Storage PlansApple presents different plans for iCloud. These are ranging from free programs to $9.99 a month. The offered storage space is usually the fundamental difference between different storage plans. Free users get to experience full iCloud service with 5GB storage space for the images, videos, and other files. Upcoming increment ranges from 50GB, 200GB to 1TB. You can also change your subscription on a monthly basis and let it grow on the amount of data in iCloud. How to Access iCloud Web Interface1.It is straightforward and convenient to access iCloud via a browser. 2.You can usually perform it with all the modern browsers. 3.I…

How Technology Can Make Thanksgiving Better

That time of the year has arrived when we have turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, the presence of friends and family, pumpkin pie and some reason to give thanks for everything we are blessed with. Technology can help us celebrate Thanksgiving together. We can make technology work for us this Thanksgiving and be more relaxed in this holiday season.
1- Cooking and meal planning apps There was a time when Grandma used to easily prepare a spread for 20 people without depending on any sort of app. But in this digital age, using technology to the fullest will not be a sin. Especially when you have to cook for three consecutive days. From purchasing and planning list apps to recipe clearinghouses such as Butterball Cookbook to menu assistant such as the Snap guide to project management sorters such as Kitchen Pad Timer to interactive scales, the app store can always be your best friend. Most of these apps are available for free.
2- Video chat with your loved ones Can you away from your lo…

How to Shop Online Safely On this Black Friday

The Black Friday is the day for shopping when everything lures us with attractive offers and discounted prices. But in the temptation to buy new stuff, we forget to take the security measures and keep clicking pm every email and link offering us the best price. As a result, we end up in a situation where we put our system at risk of malicious programs and fail to take steps to keep it safe.
If you are excited about shopping and planning to shop a lot this Black Friday, then you must go through this article that explains the security measures you should take for secure online shopping and transactions. So let’s see the tips and tricks to make a secured shopping environment for online transactions. Here are the tips to shop safely online on this Black Friday1- Ensure the Website is securedWhile browsing a website, you must ensure that it is “https;//” secured web page. The ‘S’ indicates the ‘secured’ web page, and hence there would be no exposure of personal information such as online tra…

How to Do Secured Online Shopping this Black Friday

Black Friday is on November 23, and it sure that you must be waiting for this day from the beginning of this year. You must have planned and prepared a shopping list that you are going to buy online. The heavy discounts will be luring you to purchase new items, and the retailers will reach through emails and links. But hold right there when you will see any emails and links from an unknown source. It could be harmful to your computer system and affect your personal information and data store in the machine.
Don’t worry and go through this article explaining you everything in details to prevent any harm to your system. You must be aware of the all possible attacks to your system, and you must be prepared to dodge all of them. Hence you must follow the tips and tricks mentioned in the article below to prevent every possible attack on your computer on the Black Friday. Here is how to do secured online shopping this Black Friday1- Keep the Software Products UpdatedKeep checking if the web b…