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Can’t Find Hidden Messages on Facebook? Here’s How to Find Them

Facebook has evolved a great deal with respect to its services and app. First, the company launched its web version of Facebook and later released its app. Still, the company wanted to make the Facebook messaging access more convenient and hence launched its Facebook Messenger app which is designed to receive and send messages on Facebook. It is quite nice of Facebook for providing the service, but some people are finding the messaging difficult on Facebook.

According to them, they have lost the messages from Facebook account. It is weird to hear that someone has lost messages without even deleting them. Well, the deal about Facebook is that it does not show every message that you need to see. Facebook has another place in the messaging box where the message from someone you are not friends with is received. Generally, people check the main page and don’t notice the other frame of messaging. If you think that you will need to dig into your Facebook account or to message app, then you sh…

Worse Wireless Security Myths Busted

Are you connected to the internet, whether wirelessly or via the Ethernet cable? But have you stopped thinking about the safety of your connection? Is someone noticing your activities on the Internet? There are lesser chances of it. It’s important to wonder about the safety of wireless connectivity. Getting access to a free Wi-Fi network is straightforward. However, the risks related to using unsecured public hotspots are no less. It is essential to separate fact from fiction and to bust out some of the misconceptions about Wi-Fi hotspot security.
You have nothing to worry about You think that you are not a star figure or a someone in the defense forces to worry about hacking. These kinds of views are like leaving the door opened on the basis that you don’t have diamonds or cash tucked deep inside the couch.  You might be thinking that you are not a target, but you could very well be. The hacker can use your network as a part of a botnet network, meaning that it could be used for carr…

What Makes Facebook Messenger A Useful Travel App

What is the first thing to come to your mind when thinking of Facebook’s Messenger? Surely you think of instant messaging and video calling.
Well, it is a fantastic way of keeping in touch with individuals. However, did you know that you could do a lot more with Messenger other than text chatting, voice and video calling?  Facebook’s Messenger app contains a number of features which are useful for people who travel. If you are a backpacker or business traveler, you will benefit from the travel features included in the Messenger app. Here are a few of them: 1- Book Hotels and Flights Are you sick of going through endless hotel options to get the best bargain? Well, now you can let Messenger do this effortful work for you. Simply like the page of any travel bot, and then message them over Messenger. For example, tell them: I am visiting Paris on 23rd May 2019. Now, the chatbot shall respond to you with the available options. You can customize the search as well. For example, if you are …

How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi?

Free Wi-Fi spots are available everywhere. They are a great convenience when you are traveling, going on a vacation and much more. People tend to search for public Wi-Fi and connect their device to it without even ensuring any safety. Free Wi-Fi is a blessing especially when you are outdoors. Ever thought why are they available freely? It has a reason, some of them may not be secure and are always busy in seeking out personal information. Connecting to the unsecured internet can leave you vulnerable. Stay at bay from the dangers of free Wi-Fi by following these simple steps:

1.Always Go for the right and secure network.
Every public Wi-Fi is not created the same way. Free Wi-Fi networks are provided by the stores, retailers, coffee shops and your favorite restaurants too. But the worst among them is the “Free Airport Wi-Fi network” loitering in the background. It is better to opt for the previous ones because they are comparatively more secure. If you are at the Airport and curious to u…

How to Update iPhone to iOS 12?

New Apple Watches and iPhones were not the best part of Apple’s September 2018 event. The arrival of iOS 12 for a number of iPads and iPhones is a big win for all the users. Consumers having old iPhones are going to experience a significant change. Apple has begun the seeding for the available devices. You don’t have any need to pony up for one of Apple’s new iPhones- the iPhone XR, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XS- to get Apple’s latest mobile operating system. iOS 12 is going to make your iPad and the iPhone faster and more secure. It will also make it less buggy while adding a new feature.

Can your phone run iOS 12?

Here is good news. Every device that can run iOS 11 will be able to run iOS 12. iOS12 is compatible with all the series of iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The compatibility list this year is broader compared to iPhone 6s, 6th generation iPod touch and iPad mini 2. It is also going to bring improved battery life and speed improvement to the developing device.

What is upcomi…

How to Hide your Last Seen on Instagram?

Features like the Facebook stories, a separate Messenger, are literally irritating that nobody asked from Facebook. Similar to Messenger and WhatsApp’s last seen activity of users, Instagram users can now see last seen activity of other users. The new feature of Instagram that is the last active element can be spotted by visiting your direct messages. You can see small timestamps showing the last time when someone you chatted with visited Instagram. Timestamps will let you look up to the minute someone used the service. Instagram has now added green dots of those who are online to profile pictures similar to what Facebook Messenger has. Revealing the last time you were using the app is a bit creepy. Why does it matter when last time you checked out pics of the cat or the number of likes your previous pic has received. Thankfully, Instagram has made it possible to disable this feature altogether. When it is turned off, fellow Instagram users will not be able to see when you last used …

How toTemporarily Disable McAfee Real-time Scanning

If you something troubling you and you are not able to download or install the program you want on your device, them some antivirus program may prevent you from doing so. Also, if you are having difficulties connecting to download and install updates, or cannot connect to receive acknowledgments or e-file returns, real-time Scanning or the anti-virus software such as McAfee that you’ve been using on your device, may be blocking the Tax-Slayer program from letting these functions perform.

It may be required at that moment for you to temporarily disable your real-time scanning or anti-virus software to conclude if this is what is creating the connection issues. However, most anti-virus programs that you are using on your computer are likely to show up on your Windows Taskbar next to the clock.Though, most of the programs are going to allow you to right click on the icon and select the 'Turn Off,' or 'Disable' option.If you can’t find this option on your device, you will t…

Skills Needed to be an iOS Developer

If you want to start a career, accelerate a career, or change a career, you must have heard about the “The Skills Gap.” It is an inescapable topic of conversation in the modern hiring arena.
The iPhone and iPad are the two most important parts of the technological hardware created in the last 20 years. Both of them rely on iOS to serve as their operating system. This is the reason; iOS developers are in such high demand. Any company that wants to reach millions of customers that love and use Apple mobile products needs to have iOS experts in their workforce and they are always in search of them.  Skills that are required to be an iOS Developer are: Swift It is a programming language created specifically for developing their apps. This is the language of all the future development for iOS. Experts although have acknowledged it’s not a small language but you don’t have to know everything for a junior position. You just need to be comfortable with: The options, basic syntax, Control flow…

How to Control your Mac or PC using iPhone

If you wish to control your PC or Mac using your smartphone or if you want to access any document or file from it, it can be done using the Remote Desktop Connection feature. This feature uses the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) and allows the users to manage or control the machine remotely on your local network or over the internet. This can be done by using the ready to use guide. What is required is, you must be running the latest version of Google Chrome on your host machine. Chrome Remote Desktop app should be installed on your smartphone. Both the remote device and host should be connected to the Internet.
Using Chrome extension Open your respective app store on your iOS or Android device, download and install ‘Chrome remote desktop’ app, and open Google Chrome on your PC or Mac. Download and install ‘Chrome remote Desktop’ extension. Type ‘Chrome://apps’ in the address bar and tap on ‘Enter’ Key. Click on the ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’ icon to open it. Click on ‘get started from ‘My…

How To Turn On/Off Siri Lock Screen Suggestions For Individual Apps?

Siri Suggestions in iOS 12
Siri has started getting much deeper integration into third-party apps, with Apple trying to tackle the disparagements and criticisms that its virtual assistant just hasn’t been able to be as useful as it could have been. The Shortcuts in Siri-Kit and the new Shortcuts app has made Siri far more approachable and useful, including by learning every day from how you use your iPhone in your daily life.

For instance, if someone always orders a coffee at the same coffee shop every day, Siri is likely to set a prompt on the lock screen at that time, when you’re in that place. If you tend to use an app to track your workouts, then the app (and the workout program being used by you) is going to show up on the lock screen of your iPhone. “In Shortcuts, any of your apps are able to expose quick actions to Siri.”

How To Turn On/Off Siri Lock Screen Suggestions For Individual Apps?

When you don’t want to disable Siri Lock Screen Suggestions entirely, then you can select to…

How to Boost WiFi Hotspot Security

1- Try taking your Hotspot with you.
Public WiFi is excellent, but you could also carry your hotspot with you. Cellular modem hotspots may cost more but have their battery.

2- Always say yes to a Virtual Private Network.
SSL is a secure option, but not all sites provide it. Many search engines and email providers can still be vulnerable to people watching your activity. Try using a VPN, Virtual Private Network. This service allows you to route all the events through a separate secure network even if you are on a public network. Try to install the Cyberghost system.

3- Just disable the WiFi when you are not using it.
There is nothing easier than this to secure your system. Only turn off the WiFi. This comes easily for both the OS X and Windows. Don’t stay connected all the time; you may be inviting predators to stalk you.

Set your device to ask before they connect

Rather than connecting itself to the most active open network around, try using the right tool to ask first, and then make…

Cybersecurity Tips for Improving Employee Habits

The employees working in offices are the primary targets of the predators. It is crucial to make them aware of the underlying security methods to fight against the malpractices. From the smallest business to the largest organization,  teaching the employees about the security methods is going to be fruitful in the long run. Below are given some ways through which you can teach your employees about the IT security:

No place for weak passwords
Say “no” to small and weak passwords; they are easily traceable. The safe thing to do is to set an automatic password policy on systems so that passwords are secure. Train the employees to understand the catastrophe of secure passwords. In the US, more than half of the small business organizations have readily sensed a cyber attack.

NIST has released relevant information regarding creating passwords, It is recommended to:

Use long phrases as passwords which are rememberable to you, don’t go for the only single alphabetical expression instead put …

What is Multi-Locale Feature and How to Use It?

The multi-locale is one of the eye-catching and aristocratic features that has been added to the recently released Android Nougat.

What is the Multi-Locale Feature?
This new feature allows its users to set multiple languages, select ‘Languages and Input’ click ‘Languages’ and start choosing which languages you want to see on the display of your device. This feature is something that helps users to rearrange the order in which the contents are translated by their device and apps. This feature has made it trouble-free to switch or change between multiple languages and input methods.

This is helpful for writing in various scripts. The keyboards can easily be switched by pressing the keys on the on-screen keyboard itself. You will be able just to set the specific set of languages and keyboards. And for switching, all you have to do is just pressing a button. As an example, it means you can quickly switch between English, Hindi, Japanese, and Spanish from the keyboard app itself.

How to u…

How to Completely Disable Internet Explorer?

There’s no uncertainty to say that Internet Explorer has been one of the prime targets of attack for spyware merchants and other malicious attackers. That’s why a lot of people have decided to change browsers for their web surfing, from Internet Explorer to start using another browser in order to surf the internet safely.

If you are using another web browser and don’t tend to use Internet Explorer anymore, there will be a case to be made that you ought to remove it from your computer system. In spite of everything, it is a potential security risk, so if you don’t need it, you should get rid of it. Thus, this article is something that is going to help you in doing so.

Expect getting rid of the IE is not that straightforward. In actual fact, with the Windows’ later versions, no reasonable ways of deleting it have been found without risking crippling Windows itself. However, that could not stop individuals from trying to remove the IE; still, several techniques can be found documented o…