How To Publicly Share A Google Docs Document?

 Google Drive is equipped with a useful feature. It allows the editor or owner of the document to share it with the public. Owner or editor can also add document settings, and allow viewers to edit the document or leave comments.  It is very easy to share documents on Google Drive or Google Docs with the public. Read on to find out how.
Steps for sharing Google Docs or Drive document with the public
1.       If you wish to share your Google doc publicly then follow these steps:
2.       Select the document you have to share and then click on it.
3.       When the document opens, click on the Share button located next to the Comments button in top right edge.
4.       In the Sharing screen, click on the Advanced button. It is located below Can edit option.
5.       Now, you will be able to see the link. You can share the link via Gmail, Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter by clicking on their respective icons.
6.       Below the link, there will be a Who has access section.
7.       Click on the change button. Now, you can share it with Public on the web, anyone with the link, or specific people.
8.       The first option will make the document accessible to everybody on the interrtnet. They will not have to log in.
9.       The second option will make the document accessible to people who have the link. They do not have to log in either.
10.   The third option makes the document accessible to only people specified by you or any collaborator.
11.   After selecting any of the first two options, click on the Save button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
12.   Now, in the Sharing settings box, select who is allowed to change permissions. You can give Editors complete control to add and remove people and modify the document’s visibility. You can also restrict this permission and allow only the owner to change permissions, add and remove people.
13.   Now, all you have to do is share the link.

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